Interesting listening to speaker after speaker calling on Jeremy Corbyn to reach out to all parts of the party to maintain unity. This is the guy who won a huge majority and, as predicted in my earlier post, won that majority among every section of the party from the new “supporters” through to the older full party members. Twice as many Labour Party members voted for Corbyn than did for his nearest rival. It's not as if he's some renegade loner who needs to build bridges to maintain the support of the party majority, he is the party majority.

It’s the Labour Party MPs that are out of touch, not Corbyn. New members have started to sign up to Labour since the result was announced. Standing up for what you believe in and actually fighting back against the Tories appeals to people, not a huge surprise if you can look past a few Daily Mail headlines.

The Green Party have welcomed Corbyn and rightly so. At last the Labour Party might finally join us in standing up against this government and their failing Austerity agenda. Just don’t forget that we were here first. While Labour’s leaders kept lurching to the right and buying into the austerity narrative, the Green Party consistently opposed Austerity and were resolute in standing up for public services and the environment. Welcome to the fight.

Monday the 22nd. .